Cast announcement for The Little Mermaid

Summerset Theatre announces the cast of The Little Mermaid

            Ariel                                         Chloe Guttormson       

            Pilot                                         Dave Hovland

            Sailors/Sea Creatures                Zach Farr, Lucas Johnson, Rylan Clark, Blythe Johnson

            Prince Eric                                Noelan Riley

            Grimsby                                    John Cochran

            Flounder                                   Joshua Brooks

            Scuttle                                      Garrin Loveland

            Windward                                 Izabelle Thostenson

            Leeward                                   Kaiah Gibson

            King Triton                                Grant Sharstrom

            Sebastian                                  Matt Mueller


                        Aquata                         Lindsey Wylde

                        Andrina                        Jessica Williams

                        Arista                           Jessica Wrobelwski

                        Atina                            Kim Potter

                        Adella                           Maurene Olson

                        Allana                           Rebecca Clark

            Flotsam                                    Katie Hunerdosse

            Jetsam                                      Rachel Cole

            Ursula                                      Emma Waters

            Tap Dancing Gulls                     Kalli Potter, Reese Norton, Norah Diekman, Zoe Steinkamp,

                                                         Zoey Wiseman

            Maids/Sea Creatures                 Jessica Jayes, Angie Kelly, Blythe Johnson,

                                                            Kari Lynn Finley-Cook

            Chef Louis                                 Lucas Johnson

            Chefs                                        Zach Farr, Dave Hovland, Rylan Clark


            Children’s Chorus

            Sea Creatures/Gulls/Lagoon      Kalli Potter, Reese Norton, Norah Diekman, Zoe Steinkamp,

                                                            Zoey Wiseman, Renae Clark, Mollie Johnson, Hannah Zerke, Clara McIntyre,

                                                            Raylee Jo Seefus, Jude Hovland, Nissi Otoo, Tracy Akakpo, Ryan Capp                                                                                

Thanks to everyone who auditioned! Everyone did a great job and we had to make some difficult decisions. Casting this show was not an easy task. IF we were unable to cast you this time, please continue to audition in the future. Our first meeting will be Monday, May 13th at from 6:00-8:30pm in CHOIR Room E102 (which is next to the theatre)

PLEASE email OR reach out on Facebook, that you ACCEPT the role listed. Scripts will be available on Monday evening.

THANKS, Randy & Team Mermaid